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Sist endret: 20. desember 2020, 09:39

Cristin-prosjekt-ID: 586052
Sist endret: 20. desember 2020, 09:39

MARPART2-MAN: Joint-task Force Management in the High North Emergency Response


Odd Jarl Borch
ved Handelshøgskolen ved Nord universitet

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Odd Jarl Borch


Start: 1. januar 2016 Slutt: 30. juni 2019

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MARPART2-MAN: Joint-task Force Management in the High North Emergency Response

Vitenskapelig sammendrag

Project Marpart-2 (MAN) focuses on emergency management competence and the development of tailor-made programs for education and training of key personnel involved in emergency operations. There is a demand for knowledge transfer, education and training programs for key personnel working in joint operations, both at sea, within companies, in the voluntary organizations, the local and national government and the preparedness agencies.
We focus our research on competence and emergency management capabilities needed at operational and tactical command levels in cross-border high-risk operations.

Marpart-2 (MAN) project goals:

  • To facilitate knowledge transfer between the educational system, government institutions and emergency key personnel dealing with cross-border high-crisis situations.
  • To contribute to more tailor-made task force education and to more goal-oriented and cost-efficient training and exercise schemes.
  • To contribute to more competent host-nation emergency support and efficient cross-border operations through knowledge transfer in and between competence institutions.


Project partners:

High North Centre at Nord University Business School (Norway)
Norwegian Police University College (PHS) (Norway)
World Maritime University (WMU) (Sweden)
University Center in Svalbard (UNIS) (Norway)
Murmansk State Technical University (MSTU) (Russia)
Northern (Arctic) Federal University (NArFU) (Russia)
Norwegian Fire Protection Institute (NBSK) (Norway)
Royal Norwegian Naval Academy Navigation Center (RNoNA) (Norway)
Norwegian Defense Research Establishment (FFI) (Norway) 


In this project, we take as a starting point the findings of the Marpart (1) -project. Experiences from real emergencies and exercises are analyzed to reveal the needs for competences for co-ordination and overall governance of emergency resources.



Odd Jarl Borch

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    ved Handelshøgskolen ved Nord universitet

Dimitrios Dalaklis

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    ved World Maritime University

Natalia Andreassen

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    ved Handelshøgskolen ved Nord universitet

Ensieh Roud

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    ved Handelshøgskolen ved Nord universitet

Johannes Schmied

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    ved Handelshøgskolen ved Nord universitet
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Resultater Resultater

Beredskapsorganisasjon og kriseledelse.

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Crisis and Emergency Management in the Arctic: Navigating Complex Environments.

Andreassen, Natalia; Borch, Odd Jarl. 2020, Routledge. NORDVitenskapelig antologi/Konferanseserie

Exercise “Isfjord” – SAR in Arctic waters.

Andreassen, Natalia; Jonassen, Bente; Elvegård, Rune; Prestøy, Raymond; Dalaklis, Dimitrios. 2019, The 8th MARPART Conference “Maritime Emergency Response in the Arctic – policies, capacities and competence”. NORD, WMUFaglig foredrag

Emergency management challenges and competence development needs in the Arctic.

Andreassen, Natalia. 2019, Arctic Circle Assembly 2019, breakout session of the High North Center "Blue Business: A Comprehensive Approach to Sustainable Development in the Arctic". NORDFaglig foredrag

Emergency Response in a Growing Maritime Sector .

Andreassen, Natalia. 2018, 2018 Arctic Circle Assembly. NORDFaglig foredrag
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