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Cristin-prosjekt-ID: 598075
Sist endret: 17. september 2018 09:07

Synchronous video-based supervision and feedback in professional education - a protocol for a scoping review


Nina Sletteland
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Nina Sletteland


Start: 7. januar 2018 Slutt: 7. januar 2019

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Synchronous video-based supervision and feedback in professional education - a protocol for a scoping review

Vitenskapelig sammendrag

In professional studies where the development of competence in care and interpersonal relationships is central, worked based learning during the study can be an integrated part of the education. Practice training is an important arena for training of professionalism in the
field. The purpose of practice training is also to develop an integrative link between theory
based, experience-based and research-based knowledge. Practice during study is usually
planned, authentic and mentored by a work-placed professional in the field of study. 
It is essential for learning that there is a good relationship between the student and the
supervisors. It is important to pay attention to the uneven power relationship between the
student, preceptor and academic teacher. A challenge is large geographical distances
between the field of practice and educational institutions, which limits the possibilities for
frequent follow-up between the field of practice and educational institution.
Students may experience a lack of continuity or limited contact with teacher and supervisor,
which can decrease learning opportunities in their practicum. The advent of web-based
communication programs such as Skype, Adobe Connect, Cisco WebEx, Microsoft Lync, etc.,
has made video-based supervision more accessible, reliable, and affordable. Video-based
cyber supervision and meetings between the student, academic teacher and preceptor can
increase accessibility and proximity between them, while contributing to more practice
guidance without additional costs of travel. This study will synthesize knowledge about
effectiveness and experiences of students, preceptors and academic teachers with video

based educational supervision, and to identify gaps in the litterature. 


Review question: 
What is the current state of research on synchronous video-based educational supervision
for professional students in practice settings? 
The current review will consider studies of any quantitative, qualitative or mixed methods
designs related to professional education for students in health, social work, and education
(teaching), their academic teacher and the preceptor (clinical supervisors) in practice setting.


The following databases will be searched:  Academic Search Elite, Campbell, CINAHL,
Education Research Complete, ERIC, PsycINFO, ProQuest XML-Education database,
Education Source, PubMEd/MEDLINE, EMBASE, Science Direct. Grey literature, Google
Scholar and reference list of identified studies will be searched in addition. 
The search strategy includes terms related to students, faculty and preceptors/supervisors;
and synchronous video-based. We will include studies published until December 2018. 
The first step is an initial limited search in ERIC, Academic Search Elite and CINAHL. This
initial search is then followed by an analysis of the text words contained in the title and
abstract of retrieved papers, and of the index terms used to describe the articles. A second
search using all identified keywords and index terms will then be undertaken across all
included databases. The main search result including abstract will be screened. Thirdly, the
reference list of all identified reports and articles will be searched for additional studies.  
The search strategy will be published in the article.



Nina Sletteland

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