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Representing Variability – applying metamodels, ontologies, DSLs

  • Øystein Haugen


Navn på arrangementet: KOPLE 2012 workshop at SPLC 2012
Sted: Salvador
Dato fra: 3. september 2012
Dato til: 3. september 2012


Arrangørnavn: SPLC 2012

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Vitenskapelig foredrag
Publiseringsår: 2012

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Representing Variability – applying metamodels, ontologies, DSLs


There are several popular ways to represent domain knowledge and we are addressing the cross-cutting domain of variability. Having spent many years creating and standardizing languages using representations of grammars, metamodels and mathematics, the speaker will address the relationships between language building, plain reference models and ontologies. The talk will try and explore these relationships and how we can benefit more effectively from combining these techniques. Our example domain is that of variability. The Common Variability Language is being considered for standardization by the OMG and the speaker is organizing the joint submission team. The ARTEMIS CESAR project has put effort into making an ontology of variability. Furthermore, variability is not a normal application domain, but rather a generic or even generative domain. What does all of this mean and how is this related to knowledge representation of variability? The keynote intends to foster discussions and will not claim to present the absolute truth, but rather contribute to encouraging disagreement and new pragmatic as well as theoretical knowledge.


Øystein Haugen

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    ved Software and Service Innovation ved SINTEF AS
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