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Margins and market shares: Pharmacy incentives for generic substitution

  • Kurt Brekke
  • Tor Helge Holmås og
  • Odd Rune Straume


European Economic Review
ISSN 0014-2921
e-ISSN 1873-572X
NVI-nivå 2

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Vitenskapelig artikkel
Publiseringsår: 2013
Volum: 61
Sider: 116 - 131


Isi-ID: 000320479900008

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Margins and market shares: Pharmacy incentives for generic substitution


We study the impact of product margins on pharmacies’ incentive to promote generics instead of brand-names. First, we construct a theoretical model where pharmacies can persuade patients with a brand-name prescription to purchase a generic version instead. We show that pharmacies’ substitution incentives are determined by relative margins and relative patient copayments. Second, we exploit a unique product level panel data set, which contains information on sales and prices at both producer and retail level. In the empirical analysis, we find a strong relationship between the margins of brand- names and generics and their market shares. This relationship is stronger for pharma- ceuticals under reference pricing rather than coinsurance. In terms of policy implications, our results suggest that pharmacy incentives are crucial for promoting generic sales.


Kurt Richard Brekke

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    ved Institutt for samfunnsøkonomi ved Norges Handelshøyskole

Tor Helge Holmås

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    ved NORCE Samfunn ved NORCE Norwegian Research Centre AS

Odd Rune Straume

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    ved Institutt for økonomi ved Universitetet i Bergen
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    ved Universidade do Minho
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