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Serious Games - A means to develop Project Management Competences

  • Sobah Abbas Petersen og
  • Anandasivakumar Ekambaram


Project Management
ISSN 1455-4186
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Vitenskapelig artikkel
Publiseringsår: 2013
Volum: XXXVI
Sider: 52 - 57

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Serious Games - A means to develop Project Management Competences


Project managers are increasingly challenged with skills that require management of multi-cultural and distributed teams that go beyond the technical project management skills. The challenges emphasize the importance of soft skills such as communication, leadership, building trust and decision making. Decision making is one of the important aspects of project management. Improving the ability of project managers to make appropriate decisions at right time can make a substantial positive difference in project work environments. The aim of this paper is to discuss serious games as an effective means of competence development, with a focus on developing decision making competence, for project managers. We present an approach for describing project management competences, which takes into account an individual's abilities and personality, knowledge, organizational factors and environment factors that define a specific situation; the OKEI (Organisation, Knowledge, Environment and Individual) competence modelling framework. We will present descriptions of soft skills in project management – decision making as an example – and discuss how serious games can contribute to support rapid competence development for project managers.


Sobah Abbas Petersen

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    ved Teknologiledelse ved SINTEF AS

Anandasivakumar Ekambaram

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    ved Mobilitet og samfunnsøkonomi ved SINTEF AS
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