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With a church comes a school: Protestant mission education in Madagascar

  • Ellen Vea Rosnes


Southern African review of education with Education with production
ISSN 1563-4418
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Vitenskapelig artikkel
Publiseringsår: 2013
Trykket: 2013
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Madagaskar • Misjonshistorie

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With a church comes a school: Protestant mission education in Madagascar


Protestant missions played an important role in educational work in Madagascar from the nineteenth century. Madagascar was a French colony from 1896 to 1960, and the secular colonial policy followed by the French came to have considerable impact on the work of the missions, especially in the field of education. This article discusses the goals and growth of the educational work of the Norwegian Mission Society (NMS) in Madagascar during the twentieth century, a period characterised first by French colonisation and then by independence. It presents some reflections about mission and education, and about mission education and colonisation, before analysing the Lutheran Norwegian mission’s involvement within education. The mission had to revise its educational work after a large decline in pupils following French assimilationist and secular colonial educational policies at the beginning of the twentieth century. School regulations required that separate school buildings were built for educational purposes, that teachers were to be educated within the French system, and that French should be the compulsory language of instruction. This caused immediate problems for the mission, but was to some degree circumvented since Sunday Schools and bush schools were allowed to teach reading in the local language. These schools therefore became important instruments in the mission’s educational work for several decades.


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Ellen Vea Rosnes

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    ved Institutt for kultur- og språkvitenskap ved Universitetet i Stavanger
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