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Book launch: Secular and Sacred? The Scandinavian case of religion in Human Rights, law and public space

  • Rosemarie Van Den Breemer


Navn på arrangementet: book launch and panel discussion
Sted: Baltimore
Dato fra: 24. november 2013
Dato til: 24. november 2013


Arrangørnavn: American Academy of Religion (AAR)

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Vitenskapelig foredrag
Publiseringsår: 2013

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Book launch: Secular and Sacred? The Scandinavian case of religion in Human Rights, law and public space


In this panel, Jose Casanova, and the co-authors of a newly published anthology “Secular and Sacred?” discuss the particular features of Scandinavian secularity in light of a global academic discussion on secularism and its varieties. Challenging standard conceptions of the secular as the opposite or absence of religion, the panelists explore the peculiar mixture of religion and secular institutions (law, HR and public spaces), which characterizes the Nordic countries. Combining insights from both the social sciences as well as Lutheran theology the panelists will explore a variety of interpretations of this ambiguous reality, a situation that the authors have dubbed as ‘intertwinement’. The authors postulate that, rather than understanding the Scandinavian reality as revealing a lack of secularization or secularity, what we might be dealing with here is a different type or pattern of secularization or secularity: one in which a certain degree of intertwinement is key. Bryan Turner will respond. The discussion is open to the general public, followed by a reception. Panelists: Jose Casanova (Professor of sociology, Georgetown University) Trygve Wyller (Professor of theology, University of Oslo) Rosemarie van den Breemer (Ph.D. Candidate, faculty of theology, University of Oslo) Respondent: Brian Turner (Professor in sociology, CUNY, USA)


Rosemarie Van den Breemer

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