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Coping with perceived traumatic events: A case study of a Norwegian military officer

  • Ole Boe


Procedia Economics and Finance
ISSN 2212-5671
e-ISSN 2212-5671
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Vitenskapelig artikkel
Publiseringsår: 2015
Volum: 23
Sider: 402 - 405

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Coping with perceived traumatic events: A case study of a Norwegian military officer


Purpose of study: This paper examines the reactions exhibited by a Norwegian officer after having participated in a military operation abroad. Problem statement: The officer was clearly affected by both parallel and analog stressors both before and during his tour abroad. Sources of Evidence: When the officer returned home he revealed an over-determined reaction while being a passenger in a car. The officer clearly lacked an ability to process the accumulated stress that had been built up during many years, both in civilian life and as a result of taking part in several military operations abroad. His over-determined reaction may have been caused by a lack of mental preparation before and during his last mission as well as a lack of coping skills. Main Argument: This may have allowed the residual from different previous experiences and experiences from his latest mission to build up until his reaction became over-determined. Another possible explanation is that the officer did not have time to try to cope with the things that happened during his mission abroad. Conclusion: Although not much happened to the officer during his last mission abroad, he had a lot of fantasies and strong feelings attached to the mission after returning home. After a few weeks at home these fantasies and feelings slowly disappeared and the officer returned to a normal life.


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Ole Boe

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