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Protecting the children of the Republic: 'Les affairs du foulard' continued

  • Christine M. Jacobsen


Navn på arrangementet: Blankensee Colloqium
Sted: Berlin
Dato fra: 20. juni 2014
Dato til: 22. juni 2014

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Vitenskapelig foredrag
Publiseringsår: 2014

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Protecting the children of the Republic: 'Les affairs du foulard' continued


This paper investigates how the «Muslim question» is shaped in recent French debates on the public use of religious symbols. Using the debates around the so-called «loi nounous» and «circulaire mamans accompagnants» as points of departure, the paper examines how current French politics vis-à-vis Islam are conditioned by specific national arrangements of state, church and the nation, as well as by particular understandings of the relationship between the public and the private. In particular, it looks at the role of childhood in (re)configuring such arrangements, and at the relationship between historical and contemporary calls to protect children from religious “impregnation” and calls to protect France as a secular nation. In conclusion, the paper will raise the question of the futurities that are projected and negotiated through les affairs du foulard continued.


Christine M. Jacobsen

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    ved Institutt for sosialantropologi ved Universitetet i Bergen
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