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Current Effects on a Moored Floating Platform in a Sea State - OMAE2008-57621

  • Carl Trygve Stansberg


Navn på arrangementet: OMAE
Sted: Estoril, Portugal
Dato fra: 15. juni 2008
Dato til: 20. juni 2008

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Vitenskapelig foredrag
Publiseringsår: 2008



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Current Effects on a Moored Floating Platform in a Sea State - OMAE2008-57621


The significance of current-induced forces and effects on a moored semisubmersible production platform in various sea state conditions is explored, with emphasis on surge motions. Experimental data from 1:55 scaled model tests in a 50m x 80m wave basin are investigated. A description of the current generation is given first. The current in the actual basin is modelled by use of a return current under a false bottom. The importance of modelling a “real” physical current for the proper reproduction of platform responses is pointed out. The semisubmersible tests are carried out with the platform in current only, in irregular waves only, and in combined waves and current conditions. The effects from the current on platform motions and mooring line tensions are investigated. Vortex-Induced motions (VIM) are observed in pure current, depending on the actual combination of current velocity and natural sway period. In combined waves and current the VIM seems to be more or less disappearing. A large effect is seen on the wave drift responses. Both drift forces, non-Gaussian properties and resulting extreme motions and line tensions are significantly increased, especially in high sea states. This is explained through a combination of wave drift damping and viscous effects. At the same time the damping is also increased, but this only partly compensates for the increased forces.


Carl Trygve Stansberg

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