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The MicroActive Project: Automatic detection of disease-realted molecular cell activity (invited)

  • Liv Furuberg


Navn på arrangementet: Smart sensors, Actuators, and MEMS
Sted: Maspalomas, Gran Canaria, Spain
Dato fra: 2. mai 2007
Dato til: 4. mai 2007


Arrangørnavn: SPIE

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Vitenskapelig foredrag
Publiseringsår: 2007



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The MicroActive Project: Automatic detection of disease-realted molecular cell activity (invited)


The aim of the MicroActive project is to develop an instrument for molecular diagnostics. The instrument will first be tested for patient screening for a group of viruses causing cervical cancer. Two disposable polymer chips with reagents stored on-chip will be inserted into the instrument for each patient sample. The first chip performs sample preparation of the epithelial cervical cells while mRNA amplification and fluorescent detection takes place in the second chip. More than 10 different virus markers will be analysed in one chip. We report results on sub-functions of the amplification chip. The sample is split into smaller droplets, and the droplets move in parallel channels containing different dried reagents for the different analyses. We report experimental results on parallel droplet movement control using one external pump only, combined with hydrophobic valves. Valve burst pressures are controlled by geometry. We show droplet control using valves with burst pressures between 800 and 4500 Pa. We also monitored the re-hydration times for two necessary dried reagents. After sample insertion, uniform concentration of the reagents in the droplet was reached after respectively 60 s and 10 min. These times are acceptable for successful amplification. Finally we have shown positive amplification of HPV type 16 using dried enzymes stored in micro chambers.


Liv Furuberg

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    ved Microsystems and Nanotechnology ved SINTEF AS
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