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Vitenskapelig Kapittel/Artikkel/Konferanseartikkel

Being like the Cushites : Some Western and African interpretations of Amos 9:7

  • Knut Holter


  • 9789004293267


Brill Academic Publishers
NVI-nivå 2


Supplements to Vetus Testamentum
ISSN 0083-5889
NVI-nivå 2

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Vitenskapelig Kapittel/Artikkel/Konferanseartikkel
Publiseringsår: 2015
Hefte: 168
Sider: 306 - 318
  • 9789004293267


Fagfelt (NPI)

Fagfelt: Teologi og religionsvitenskap
- Fagområde: Humaniora

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Being like the Cushites : Some Western and African interpretations of Amos 9:7


Amos 9:7 makes a comparison between the people of Israel and the Cushites, and the present article analyzes some Western and African interpretive approaches to this comparison. First, and inspired by postcolonial theory, a Western interpretive paradigm of seeing the comparison as a word of judgment to Israel—based on an assumed textual/historical contempt for the African Cushites—is analyzed, and it noticed that this interpretive paradigm lost most of its influence throughout the 20th century, in parallel with Africa gaining independence from European colonialism. Second, some African voices from the late 20th and early 21st century are analyzed, reading Amos 9:7 as part of a broader focus on the quest for an African presence in the Old Testament.


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Knut Holter

  • Tilknyttet:
    ved Fakultet for teologi, diakoni og ledelsesfag ved VID vitenskapelige høgskole
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