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Does developmental language disorder relate to different ADHD-symptoms at age 3?

  • Ragnhild Eek Olsen og
  • Synnve Schjølberg


Navn på arrangementet: The 5th Nordic Conference on Research on Autism Spectrum Disorders
Sted: Reykjavik
Dato fra: 31. mai 2007
Dato til: 1. juni 2007

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Publiseringsår: 2007

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Does developmental language disorder relate to different ADHD-symptoms at age 3?


Subjects are recruited during pregnancy into the MoBa study. As part of the Autism Birth Cohort study, a sub-study in MoBa, parents complete a mailed questionnaire that screen for social and communication disorders at 36 months. Children who screen positive are invited for a full clinical assessment. In addition a control group of randomly drawn children from all participants is invited for assessment. Our study includes 30 children diagnosed with a developmental language disorder as well as 20 children from a control group. In order to differentiate the language abilities within the groups, a language transcription of a DVD-recorded play situation with the mother is conducted. This identifies mean length of utterance, %intelligibility and other measures. The ADHD-symptoms are assessed using the diagnostic interview Preschool Age Psychiatric Assessment (PAPA).


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