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Risk factors for language delay at the age of three in a pregnancy cohort study

  • Synnve Schjølberg og
  • Christine Roth


Navn på arrangementet: 7th International Meeting on Research in Autism
Sted: Seattle
Dato fra: 3. mai 2007


Arrangørnavn: International Society for Research in Autism (INSAR)

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Publiseringsår: 2007

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Risk factors for language delay at the age of three in a pregnancy cohort study


Background: There is a growing body of research suggesting that children with delayed development, and more specific language disorder (LD), will have persistent difficulties into later childhood and adolescent. Obstetric complications are related to increased risk for ASD and early language delay is a prime feature of ASD. However it is not clear whether it is the same risk factors in ASD and LD are operating through the common feature, language delay. Objectives: The study evaluates the relationship between risk factors and language delay in a total population pregnancy cohort study, the Norwegian Mother and Child study (MoBa). Methods: Subjects are recruited during pregnancy into the MoBa study. Parents complete questionnaires through pregnancy as well as when the child is 6, 18 and 36 months of age. Language delay is determined by questions from the 36 months questionnaire on language competence and syntax complexity (Dorothy Bishop, Jane Squires) Risk factors are determined by parental questionnaire report of obstetric complications as well as adverse pregnancy outcomes as reported in the Norwegian Medical Birth Registry.


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Synnve Schjølberg

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Christine Roth

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