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Clothes, Body, Motion

  • Christina Lindgren
  • Anne Grete Eriksen og
  • Signe Vasshus


Navn på arrangementet: Clothes, Body, Motion
Sted: Praha
Dato fra: 20. juni 2015
Dato til: 21. juni 2015


Arrangørnavn: Prague Quadrennial

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Annen presentasjon
Publiseringsår: 2015

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Clothes, Body, Motion


Workshop led by Christina Lindgren, Anne Grete Eriksen and Signe Vasshus. Space Lab Prague Quadrennial 2015. Clothes, Body, Motion Date & time: June 20 - 21, 9 am - 7 pm Workshop leaders: Christina Lindgren, Anne Grete Eriksen, Signe Vasshus Workshop abstract: The sum total of clothes, body, and movement can be called a figure/ an appearance/ a gestalt. Costume designers and choreographers have differing knowledge about what this figure indicates. An exchange of knowledge enhances an expanded and mutual understanding. This workshop is a laboratory where clothes for dance are examined in semiotic, technical and sculptural perspectives. With the use of traditional and non-traditional clothing, as well as unconventional materials, a collection of widely different costumes will be tested and partly produced. Through simple choreographies (maximum 2 minutes), the same movement sequence is done in different costumes. The effect of the interaction between the clothes, movement, and body will be discussed. A scientific taxonomy and precision will be sought. The day ends with a 1.5 hour lecture on the theme “Costumes for ballet and modern dance in Europe and America, from the 1600s to today", research by dance researcher Sidsel Pape and Christina Lindgren.


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Christina Lindgren

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Anne Grete Eriksen

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Signe Vasshus

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