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The becoming young woman in prison

  • Elisabeth Fransson


Navn på arrangementet: Deleuze Studies Conference
Sted: Roma
Dato fra: 11. juli 2016
Dato til: 13. juli 2016


Arrangørnavn: University of Roma Tre

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Vitenskapelig foredrag
Publiseringsår: 2016

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The becoming young woman in prison


The courtroom is a powerful scene where forces between human and non - human bodies are played out. Veronica, a young girl, is sitting there listening to voices interpreting her acts and trying to find answers to the crime she committed. Affects, tones and rhythms fills the room, day after day, before the judge concludes and a sentence made. The paper is constructed through ethnographic fieldwork in a local Court in Norway and the following year in a prison for youths. The paper starts with some particular details regarding the Norwegian penal system, but very soon I move the text into ethical and methodological aspects due to my research, before analysing Victoria’s case inspired by the deleuzian concept “the process of becoming” (Deleuze 1987).


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Elisabeth Fransson

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    ved Kriminalomsorgens høgskole og utdanningssenter KRUS
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