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Post-failure: rehearsing strategies

  • Per Roar


Navn på arrangementet: Functions, failures and Fissures
Sted: Saulkrasti
Dato fra: 26. juli 2017
Dato til: 2. august 2017
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Arrangørnavn: Post-failure: rehearsing strategies

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Annen presentasjon
Publiseringsår: 2017
Antall besøkende: 30

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Post-failure: rehearsing strategies


"Post-failure" experiments on exploring the functions of "failure and breaks" and the notion of "strategy building systems" in artistic research through looking at the aftermath of a failure, hence the title. If the experiment fails, might it bring about a deepen sense of the context that produced its failure, or alternatively, shed light on emancipatory strategies? The presentation draws on my understanding of somatic practices applied in dance, the understanding of communities as discussed by Jean-Luc Nancy Inoperative Community (1991), as well as the interest for how emancipatory strategies can contribute to societal change, Cf. Paolo Freire (1970) and Augusto Boal (1992, 1994).


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Per Roar

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