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Orange Anti-Matter

  • Maziar Raein
  • Stefan Ellmer og
  • Ane Thon Knutsen


Hamilton Wood Type & Printing Museum
New Impressions Exhibition Wisconsin USA

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Publiseringsår: 2018

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Orange Anti-Matter


Hamilton Wood Type & Printing Museum / New Impressions is an international, juried exhibition to showcase exploration and creativity with letterpress printing techniques. From this age-old tradition, we strive to challenge and inspire artists to continue the love of printing. Description of the work: An artistic research project on the threshold of digital type design and letterpress printing. Taking the KHiO Letter Archive at the Oslo National Academy of the Arts as a point of departure, this project investigates the spaces in between letters as a fundamental element in the design and perception of (typographic) letterforms. The results were shown in the form of a digital typeface, three sets of printing type, an exhibition and a publication. In phase 1, the interdependency of black and white shapes has been explored with a variety of analogue techniques: tracing, cutting and routing letters from paper, linoleum and wood. In phase 2, the designing of a digital typeface led to the production of three sets of CNC-routed printing types. In the final phase, these printing types were used in three print shops in Oslo, London and Glasgow. "Orange Anti-Matter" was made from the CNC-routed form prior to cutting it into separate printing blocks. This glimpse of an intermediate production stage acts as an epitome of the research process: the analytically abstracted letter-shapes form a unity in order to be fragmented once again for the purpose of typographic recombination.


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Maziar Raein

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    ved Avdeling Design ved Kunsthøgskolen i Oslo

Ellmer Stefan

Bidragsyterens navn vises på dette resultatet som Stefan Ellmer
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Ane Thon Knutsen

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