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Test retest reliability of a screening checklist for Autism spectrum disorders in young children

  • Synnve Schjølberg


Navn på arrangementet: Conference: International Meeting for Autism Research
Sted: Boston, Massachusetts
Dato fra: 5. mai 2005
Dato til: 7. mai 2005


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Publiseringsår: 2005

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Test retest reliability of a screening checklist for Autism spectrum disorders in young children


Objective: A screening checklist was developed for the purpose of identifying children of high risk of being within the autism spectrum (ASD). The checklist was developed as part of a population based study on early identification of ASD in children younger than 30 months. The Non Verbal Communication Checklist (NVCC) consisted of 10 questions concerning deficits in use of nonverbal behaviors expected to develop during the first two years of life. Test-retest reliability of the NVCC was assessed. Methods: Mothers of 117 children completed the checklist twice within 3 weeks as part of a well-baby checkup and being invited to participate in the early screeningstudy. The test-retest reliability of each item, total score and screen positive were assessed using Kappa statistics. Results: The mean age of the total sample when first completing the NVCC was 22.6 months (sd=7.1). The Kappas of single items ranged from .32 to .65 and for seven of the 10 items the kappa value exceeded .50. Kappa for screen positive, using a cutoff established in the population based study, were .81. The test-retest-score for the NVCC total score varied with whether the child had developmental problems or not. Conclusion: The majority of items on the NVCC screening checklist showed from moderate to good agreement on test-retest reliability and the kappa for screen positive showed very good agreement. This work were supported through a grant from the Norwegian Research Council: 128134/320.


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