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Open Forum: Jan Verwoert - Fake Fate

  • Jan Frederik Verwoert


Navn på arrangementet: Open Forum: Jan Verwoert - Fake Fate
Sted: Karthoum Contemporary Art Center, Oslo
Dato fra: 5. november 2018

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Annen presentasjon
Publiseringsår: 2018

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Open Forum: Jan Verwoert - Fake Fate


Artist talk with Jan Verwoert. How to fight the fatal attraction of Turbofeudalism and beat the Empire of the Tacky to the punch? Politics get existential when the question is raised: Who are we to live and die together? The Left says: "We are rational beings so, yes, we can … make life better for everyone, if we try. Progress is possible." The Right responds: "Why become better? Are we not good enough, as we are? We are family, one people, fatefully united by our past, loyal to our royals, the tycoons and oligarchs, home-grown Emperors ofTurbofeudalism!" It's weird: Even though they act like gentry, mafia was never more than a second-hand upper-crust. Historically speaking, they acted as surrogates for a faded aristocracy. Everybody knows and sees: Oligarch bling is tacky, trashy, camp. Mar-a-Lago is unreal. Turbofeudalism is fake, so why would we let upstart Emperors seal out fate? Because we relate. Discussing Trump is like listening to Mariah Carey over Christmas: effectively inevitable. If therefore we should inescapably be subjected to the Empire of the Tacky's new rule, what does this fate hold in store? National isolation, cultural shrinkage, endogamic meltdown preceding nuclear war? Indeed Thanatos is a conservative drive. But what would Mariah really say? Could we imagine a Carey-Xmas special directed by Brecht or Fassbinder, Pasolini or Sarah Silverman? Dramatic inauthenticity, after all, is what we love weddings and funerals for. Perhaps this is because there will always be something comically tragic and fatefully camp about social ceremonies surrounding sex and death. Can the Left camp it up and be down with the absurdity of existence? Not in the conservative key of fatal closure, but in the style of an existential openness of a full-fledged dedication to a future we do not yet know?


Jan Frederik Verwoert

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