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Responding to economic opportunities: Changes in land tenure and use among Argentine farmers.

  • Kristi Anne Stølen


Navn på arrangementet: LASA Congress 2018: Latin American Studies in a Globalized World
Sted: Barcelona
Dato fra: 23. mai 2018
Dato til: 26. mai 2018


Arrangørnavn: Latin American Studies Association

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Vitenskapelig foredrag
Publiseringsår: 2018



Samfunnsvitenskap • Sosialantropologi


Landbruksending • Genmodifisert matproduksjon

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Responding to economic opportunities: Changes in land tenure and use among Argentine farmers.


Land distribution, tenure and use are subjects of growing interest in Argentina given the prominence land issues have acquired in recent decades due to the soy boom. Concentration of land by certain business concerns, investment in land by urban investors, the displacement of small producers in some rural areas and new models of management dominated by leasing have changed the rural landscape. This paper, based on a longitudinal anthropological study initiated in 1973, focuses on changes in land tenure and use among farmers in the northern part of Santa Fe province. It explores individual and collective strategies adopted by the farmers historically to reproduce their farms, their homes and “the farmer way of life” within an increasingly capitalist environment. The expansion of transgenic soybeans, initiated in 1996, embraced by the farmers, produced radical changes in the farmer communities, not only in terms of property rights, land tenure and use, but also in terms of mentality. I explore the socio-economic transformation that have occurred, whereby most farmers have given up farming and migrated to the pueblo, renting out their land to the few who have managed to stay in business. The land is producing more than ever, but the vigorous rural communities that I studied in the 1970 and 1980 are vanishing.


Kristi Anne Stølen

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