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Workshop: Performative Research: autoethnographic approaches to artistic research

  • Per Roar
  • Camilla Graff Junior
  • Luisa Greenfield og
  • Myna Trustram


Navn på arrangementet: Artistic research week / Kunstnerisk forskningsuke 2019
Sted: Kunsthøgskolen i Oslo
Dato fra: 24. januar 2019
Dato til: 25. januar 2019


Arrangørnavn: Kunsthøgskolen i Oslo

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Annen presentasjon
Publiseringsår: 2019

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Workshop: Performative Research: autoethnographic approaches to artistic research


The two-day session Performative Research comes out of a collaboration between Camilla Graff Junior (performance artist, Copenhagen), Luisa Greenfield (Berlin-based visual artist and PhD candidate at the University of Plymouth), Myna Trustram (writer, Manchester School of Art), and Per Roar (choreographer and professor in choreography at KHiO). We have different disciplines but we share an interest in the performative and how it can be used as a method of enquiry and a vital form for presentation of research. Our contribution will begin with four individual approaches to artistic research and culminate in the collective performance lecture Are you still there? -four approaches to the journal, which was most recently presented at the Society for Artistic Research (SAR) 9th International Conference at the University of Plymouth on April, 2018. We will combine the presentations of autoethnographic approaches to artistic research with moderated conversations with the audience as an entry point to discuss artistic research strategies and the value of a researching performer and performative research.


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Per Roar

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Camilla Graff Junior

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Luisa Greenfield

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Myna Trustram

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