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The Feedback Loop

  • Sara Eliassen


Sara Eliassen

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Publiseringsår: 2018

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The Feedback Loop


Public screen intervention, 5 vignettes x 10 / 30 sec. Oslo Central Station and Jernbanetorget, June 11 - 17, 2018. The Feedback Loop is a project by Sara Eliassen, commissioned by The Munch Museum in Oslo, Munch Museum on the Move and curator Natalie Hope O’Donnell. The project ran throughout 2018, and had three different instalments: A public screen intervention, a screening series, and an exhibition by Sara Eliassen, also including invited guests. The Feedback Loop aimed to explore how moving images, screens and screen technologies take part in the production of our memories and actions. The project draws parallels between ideological material from early cinema and political history and the moving image material surrounding us today. The video work The Feedback Loop was an intervention into the flow of running imagery on public screens in and around Oslo Central Station - a series of short visual disruptions on the relation between screens and human. The work appropriates material from the Norwegian-German film Symphonie des Nordens (1938). Produced with additional support from KORO and Uro.


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Sara Eliassen

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    ved Avdeling Kunstakademiet ved Kunsthøgskolen i Oslo
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