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A nonpermanent seat in the United Nations Security Council: Why bother?

  • Ann-Marie Ekengren
  • Fredrik Dybfest Hjorthen og
  • Ulrika Möller


Global Governance: A Review of Multilateralism and International Organizations
ISSN 1075-2846
e-ISSN 1942-6720
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Vitenskapelig artikkel
Publiseringsår: 2020
Publisert online: 2020
Trykket: 2020
Volum: 26
Hefte: 1
Sider: 21 - 45
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A nonpermanent seat in the United Nations Security Council: Why bother?


This article contributes with a novel systematic theoretical and empirical exploration of why states find a nonpermanent seat in the UN Security Council attractive. Three conceptualizations of power—to influence, to network, and to gain status—guide the empirical analysis. A telephone interview survey with diplomatic staff at Member States’ permanent missions to the United Nations in New York provides readers with original and unique empirical knowledge of state perceptions of power. The candidature for a seat comes with expectations of influencing decision-making, despite modest estimations of the opportunity to have impact. Opportunities to network and to gain status are not frequent reasons for a candidature. Diplomats’ estimations are nevertheless higher on the opportunity to actually establish relevant relationships and to gain status brought by a seat.


Ann-Marie Ekengren

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    ved Göteborgs universitet

Fredrik Dybfest Hjorthen

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    ved Institutt for statsvitenskap ved Universitetet i Oslo

Ulrika Möller

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    ved Göteborgs universitet
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