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When is a reminder enough? Text message voter mobilization in a European context

  • Johannes Bergh
  • Dag Arne Christensen og
  • Richard E. Matland


Political Behavior
ISSN 0190-9320
e-ISSN 1573-6687
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Vitenskapelig artikkel
Publiseringsår: 2019
Publisert online: 2019
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When is a reminder enough? Text message voter mobilization in a European context


Sending text messages reminding people to vote has only been examined as a mobilization tool in three studies, two of them done in the United States. The results from these studies are mixed. We investigate this tool’s effectiveness using a field experiment in a different context, municipal elections in Norway. We find strong mobilization effects among groups traditionally low in participation (immigrants and youth voters). Young native Norwegians show an intent-to-treat (ITT) effect of 4.58% points, foreign nationals who have recently established Norwegian residency show an ITT effect of 2.93% points, and among immigrants who have lived in Norway for 7 years or more the treatment effect is 2.7% points. Even among native Norwegian voters over 30, with a baseline turnout of 73%, text messages generate a 0.96% points increase in turnout.


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Johannes Bergh

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    ved Institutt for samfunnsforskning

Dag Arne Christensen

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    ved NORCE Samfunn ved NORCE Norwegian Research Centre AS

Richard E. Matland

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    ved Loyola University of Chicago
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