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Perception of Time and Distortion of Time

  • Samoa Remy
  • Chiara Mariotti og
  • Nils Erik Janbu


Navn på arrangementet: Artistic research week / Kunstnerisk forskningsuke 2020
Sted: Kunsthøgskolen i Oslo
Dato fra: 21. januar 2020


Arrangørnavn: Kunsthøgskolen i Oslo

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Faglig foredrag
Publiseringsår: 2020

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Perception of Time and Distortion of Time


Lecture with PhD Research Fellow Samoa Remy and guests Chiara Mariotti and Nils Erik Janbu. Moderator Maziar Raein. This lecture will be centered around the topic "Perception of Time and Distortion of Time”. There will be reflections around themes like: time as an order which articulates life on earth, the human being and his perception of time, how the two units Space-Time are woven together in the Universe, and a visual artist’s work with the timeline as a means to expand perception of time and history – to expand temporal view. The idea is to initiate a discussion between three lecturers who come from different backgrounds. Initially each of the lecturers will have a short presentation, where each lecturer reflects around the relation between the human being and time / history, as seen from their particular field of knowledge. The three presentations will differ in their approaches to the theme, but will have in common the use of images for transmitting thoughts and concepts. After the short presentations there will be a discussion where each of the lecturers will try to enter the others lecturers points of view, and try to draw connections between concepts and images.


Samoa Remy

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    ved Avdeling Kunst og håndverk ved Kunsthøgskolen i Oslo

Chiara Mariotti

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Nils Erik Janbu

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