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HIV/AIDS Communication Campaigns: Progress and Prospects

  • June Flora og
  • Sonja Lynn Myhre


Journal of health communication
ISSN 1081-0730
e-ISSN 1087-0415
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Publiseringsår: 2000
Publisert online: 2010
Trykket: 2000
Volum: 5
Sider: 29 - 45

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HIV/AIDS Communication Campaigns: Progress and Prospects


The mass media have been the primary method for disseminating human immuno deficiency virus (HIV)/acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS) prevention messages worldwide. In this article, we update previous reviews by systematically examining published articles (n = 41) of empirical evaluations of international HIV/AIDS prevention campaigns. Of the 41 studies identified, 17 countries are represented. In this review, we examine six components related to media campaign design and evaluation: target audience, communication channel(s), message content, campaign theme, exposure, and outcomes. Of the studies included in this sample, each one described the target audience; 93% reported on channel selection; 75% described message content; 63% mentioned a campaign theme; and 62% documented campaign exposure. We investigate also the extent to which HIV/AIDS prevention efforts have moved beyond media campaigns to comprehensive communitywide programs. We conclude that HIV/AIDS prevention efforts would benefit from: (1) better reporting of media campaign components and outcomes, (2) more systematic evaluation, (3) greater integration of theory, and (4) increased attention to communitywide intervention strategies.


June Flora

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Sonja Lynn Myhre

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    ved Avdeling for global helse ved Folkehelseinstituttet
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