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Utilization of Big Data in Energy Internet Infrastructure

  • Songpu Ai
  • Rong Chunming og
  • Junwei Cao


Energy Internet
  • 978-3-030-45453-1


Springer Nature
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Faglig kapittel
Publiseringsår: 2020
Sider: 297 - 320
  • 978-3-030-45453-1


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Fagfelt: Informatikk og datateknikk
- Fagområde: Realfag og teknologi

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Utilization of Big Data in Energy Internet Infrastructure


With the maturation of technologies such as communication, sensors and networks, very large amounts of data are generated that are available for processing and analysis. With the popularizing process of the Internet of Things (IoT), available data resources will become even more plentiful and diversified in the near future. To provide feasible solutions in data science for the key features of the energy internet, such as energy interconnection and routing, a big data architecture could be utilized in the energy internet infrastructure to provide large-scale analysis of massive various types of data. In this chapter, the utilization of big data in the energy internet infrastructure is explored. A three-layer big data architecture for usage in the energy internet is presented. The characteristics of data utilized in the energy internet and the potential requirements of the energy internet for the big data architecture are studied. Then, analytics methods that could be executed in the energy internet big data infrastructure are introduced. Real-time and offline analyses, as two types of analysis modes for different requirements of application scenarios, are described. Several well-known open-source big data tools are discussed. In addition, the open challenges of utilizing big data in the energy internet are proposed.


Songpu Ai

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Aktiv cristin-person

Rong Chunming

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    ved Institutt for data- og elektroteknologi ved Universitetet i Stavanger

Junwei Cao

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    ved Tsinghua University
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Energy Internet.

Zobaa, Ahmed; Cao, Junwei. 2020, Springer Nature. TU, BULærebok
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