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Three years (2017-19) of field observation of the marginal ice the Western Barents Sea

  • Nataliya Marchenko


Navn på arrangementet: EGU General Assembly 2020
Sted: Munich
Dato fra: 4. mai 2020
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Arrangørnavn: European Geosciences Union

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Vitenskapelig foredrag
Publiseringsår: 2020

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Three years (2017-19) of field observation of the marginal ice the Western Barents Sea


Knowledge of sea ice state (distribution, characteristics and movement) is interesting both from a practical point of view and for fundamental science. The western part of the Barents Sea is a region of increasing activity – oil and gas exploration may growth in addition to traditional fishing and transport. So theinformation is requested by industry and safety authorities. Three last years (2017-19) the Arctic Technology Department of the University Centre in Svalbard (UNIS) performed expeditions on MS Polarsyssel in April in the sea ice-marginal zone of the Western Barents Sea, as a part of teaching and research program. In (Marchenko 2018), sea ice maps were compared with observed conditions. The distinguishing feature of ice in this region is the existence of relatively small ice floes (15-30 m wide) up to 5 m in thickness, containing consolidated ice ridges. In (Marchenko 2019) we described several such floes investigated by drilling, laser scanning and ice mechanical tests, on a testing station in the place with very shallow water (20 m) where ice concentrated. In this article, we summarise three years results with more attention for level ice floes and ice floe composition, continuing to feature ice condition in comparison with sea ice maps and satellite images. These investigations provided a realistic characterization of sea ice in the region and are a valuable addition to the long-term studies of sea ice in the region performed by various institutions.


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Nataliya Marchenko

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    ved Avdeling for arktisk teknologi ved Universitetssenteret på Svalbard
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