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Solo Show: Manuel Pelmus

  • Manuel Pelmus


Navn på arrangementet: Solo Show: Manuel Pelmus
Sted: Vita Kuben, Umeå
Dato fra: 4. november 2020

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Annen presentasjon
Publiseringsår: 2020

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Solo Show: Manuel Pelmus


Research Fellow Manuel Pelmus at the Academy of Fine Art, will give a talk on memories and opposition, in addition to presenting his ongoing PhD project Permanent Collection at Vita Kuben in Umeå, Sweden. As an artist Manuel Pelmus reimagines the role of performance in the context of visual arts. He can be seen as one of the protagonists of the “new performance turn”. For his artistic research project he is particularly interested in exploring how notions of liveness, movement, and performativity are invested in reimagining political, collective, and social forms of organisation. How they relate to reconfiguring the public sphere in the sense of forms of community, and to notions of memory and collective history. Manuel Pelmus is invited to Vita Kuben by the curators Frida Sandström and Marianna Feher.


Manuel Pelmus

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