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Introduction to the NorPol project

  • Toril Opsahl


Navn på arrangementet: NorPol project kick-off seminar
Sted: MultiLing, Universitetet i Oslo online
Dato fra: 23. februar 2021
Dato til: 23. februar 2021


Arrangørnavn: Toril Opsahl, Michela Iacorossi and the NorPol team

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Vitenskapelig foredrag
Publiseringsår: 2021

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Introduction to the NorPol project


Program Part I Workshop 14.15 Welcome. Presentation of the NorPol project. Toril Opsahl (MultiLing, UiO) 14.30 Practices for doing work together: observations from a multilingual construction site. Linda Kahlin and Hedda Söderlundh (Södertörn University, Sweden) and Matylda Weidner (Kazimierz Wielki University, Poland) Chair: Paweł K. Urbanik 15.00 Stereotypes of migrant workers and language in the Norwegian construction industry. Kamilla Kraft (Copenhagen University, Denmark) Chair: Magdalena Solarek-Gliniewicz 15.30 Break (15 minutes) 15.45 “Why should I make my life harder?” – Identity and name change in a narrative of a Polish migrant in Norway. Maria Obojska (MLing, University of Luxembourg) Chair: Oliwia Szymańska 16.15 Participating in a conversation in Norwegian L2. Paulina Horbowicz (Adam Mickiewicz University, Poland) Chair: Piotr Garbacz 16.45–17.15 General discussion and closing of the first part of the program. Chair: Jan Svennevig Part II Guest lecture 18.30–19.30 Identity, Language Learning, and the Multilingual Workplace. Professor Bonny Norton (University of British Columbia) Chair: Anne Golden


Toril Opsahl

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    ved Center for Multilingualism in Society across the Lifespan ved Universitetet i Oslo
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