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Parenting Support and its Different Functions – Parents’ Experiences. A Case Study from Norway

  • Astrid Sundsbø


Journal of Social Policy
ISSN 0047-2794
e-ISSN 1469-7823
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Vitenskapelig artikkel
Publiseringsår: 2021
Publisert online: 2021


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Parenting Support and its Different Functions – Parents’ Experiences. A Case Study from Norway


The research literature is characterized by a fundamental controversy about what parenting support is and what it aims to be: A health-promotion measure that supports child development or a “totalizing tendency […] of defining the relation between parents and children in technical terms” (Smeyers, 2010). This paper presents a study from Norway, where parenting support is offered as a “universal”, publicly funded service. It presents and discusses findings based on in-depth interviews with 45 parents from different social (educational, economic) and cultural (migration) backgrounds, focusing on how they perceived the purpose and outcomes of parenting support programs in which they participated. A key finding is that parents with majority backgrounds are less enamoured with the quality and usefulness of provision, and tend instead towards other sources for advice on parenting (primarily their social and familial networks). Many also express scepticism of broad approaches to parenting support provision. In contrast, minority parents lacking “Norwegian” social and familial networks genuinely find the courses valuable, both for their own integration and self-confidence and also the development of their children. The findings help address the need for further research into the effectiveness of parenting support and its potential role in reducing social inequality.


Astrid Ouahyb Sundsbø

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    ved Institutt for pedagogikk, religion og samfunnsfag ved Høgskulen på Vestlandet
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