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Energy consumption of offshore oil and gas production

  • Heiner Schümann og
  • Torleif Holt


Navn på arrangementet: Low Emission webinar series
Sted: online
Dato fra: 21. oktober 2020
Dato til: 21. oktober 2020


Arrangørnavn: SINTEF AS

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Vitenskapelig foredrag
Publiseringsår: 2020

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Energy consumption of offshore oil and gas production


An oil and gas production facility is a complex system of separators, pumps, compressors, heat exchangers, etc. with all its specifications and efficiencies. While design parameters often are chosen based on plateau production the facility will operate under off-design conditions during the later years of production. This will result in considerably higher emissions per produced unit oil equivalent. Based on a generic production model we will demonstrate energy consumption and related CO2 emissions for the lifetime of a representative NCS field. We will follow the production streams from well to shore and show were energy is dissipated in the production system. The main energy consumers on a platform will be identified and the significance of selected component specifications studied. The study is an example of the ongoing work in SP8. Results will help identifying the parts of the production system that should be prioritized when developing and introducing future improvements.


Heiner Schümann

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    ved Prosessteknologi ved SINTEF AS

Torleif Holt

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    ved Petroleum ved SINTEF AS
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