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Limit As Material

  • Mike Sperlinger


Navn på arrangementet: Limit As Material,
Sted: London
Dato fra: 11. desember 2020
Dato til: 12. desember 2020


Arrangørnavn: LUX

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Publiseringsår: 2020

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Limit As Material


LUX hosts a two-day online broadcast programme in collaboration with the Artistic Estate of Ian White. Limit as material takes its title from the work of late artist and curator Ian White (1971-2013). Ian White’s practice was centred on what he called the ‘productive limit’: those invisible or unstated conditions for the experience of art which could potentially be made explicit, and therefore negotiated or contested. Or as he put it on his blog Lives of Performers in 2012: ‘what there is to be jubilant about is that limit is everyone’s material and it is always here. And this is where to start.’ This year has produced, or revealed, new limits to our experiences of art and of each other. Artists Brian Fuata, Graham Kelly and Carolyn Lazard and researcher Adeena Mey were invited to respond to the idea of ‘limit as material’. The four propositions will be broadcast online over two days to a live audience, with a public discussion to be held on the second day. Each day’s broadcast will feature an interlude by artist Rachel Reupke. Limit as material is curated by Eleanor Ivory Weber, in collaboration with Mike Sperlinger and the Artistic Estate of Ian White.


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Mike Sperlinger

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