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The LORCENIS project. An Overview.

  • Monika Pilz


Navn på arrangementet: Degradation2020 / degrada 2020 - 4th Luso-Brazilian Meeting on Degradation in Concrete Structures
Sted: Aveiro - online
Dato fra: 18. mars 2021
Dato til: 19. mars 2021


Arrangørnavn: Universidade de Aveiro / University of Aveiro

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Faglig foredrag
Publiseringsår: 2021

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The LORCENIS project. An Overview.


Workshop: Long Lasting Reinforced Concrete for Infrastructure under Severe Operating Conditions The life of engineering structures depends on their use, the service environment, the constitutive materials, and the ways they are built. New and existing technologies require materials to perform in increasingly extreme operating conditions. In this context, the development of high-performance and long lasting reinforced concrete structures if of utmost importance. In this workshop different topics associated with degradation of reinforced concrete will be presented, from the development of new admixtures and characterization of the resulting materials to the modeling of corrosion processes in reinforced concrete.


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Monika Pilz

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