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Snap Society

  • Astrid Gynnild

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Nettsider (opplysningsmateriale)
Publiseringsår: 2020

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Snap Society


What’s up with Snapchat? How come more than 2,5 million Norwegians have downloaded the app, and how is Snapchat changing our social interactions? Welcome to the seminar Snap Society in Media City Bergen, Atriet January 30. Learn about VG ́s innovative storytelling on Snapchat, meet the film creator who got a global breakthrough on Snapchat Shows. Get to know more about the implications of stalking and illegal image sharing. How can we protect ourselves, and what do the teenagers say? The seminar highlights the many voices of users engaged in Snapchat communication. Mental Health collectives hosted by Snapchat is a new trend. In large cities the Police practice web policing to reach out. We have also invited teachers who experiment with Snapchat in school and students who serve as Snapchat coaches. Snapchat Society will be moderated by Hilde Sandvik, and will be a highly interactive event. All the talks and discussions will be in Norwegian. The seminar is hosted by NCE Media in collaboration with the ViSmedia project at the Department of Information Science and Media Studies, University of Bergen.


Astrid Gynnild

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    Faglig ansvarlig
    ved Institutt for informasjons- og medievitenskap ved Universitetet i Bergen
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