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Drilling Data Quality & Uncertainty

  • Eric Cayeux


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Drilling Data Quality & Uncertainty


The SPE sub-committee for “Drilling Data Quality and Uncertainty Description” (or DDQUD) is a joined effort between the three SPE technical sections: Drilling System Automation, Wellbore Positioning and Drilling Uncertainty Prediction. The work conducted in the sub-section is not to provide methods for estimating uncertainty and quality, as this is the role of the three main technical sections, but to provide a framework for describing drilling data quality and uncertainty. The group has followed a methodology to identify topics that are a value for the industry. First a list of “user stories” has been collected (111 in the latest version), then a ranking method has been devised, and finally the highest ranking “user story” has been studied in more details. 17 “use cases” have been extracted from that “user story”. Each of those “use cases” have been detailed and illustrated, then they have been described more formally using Semantic Graphs. It has therefore been verified that the method based on semantic graphs could capture the description of the work processes that link different entities and therefore document the dependence of these entities in terms of data quality and uncertainty.


Eric Cayeux

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