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Forced Labour: Redirecting the Legal Radar to Men

  • Carola Lingaas


Navn på arrangementet: Challenging Assumptions about Human Trafficking
Sted: Belfast (men digital)
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Arrangørnavn: Queen's University Belfast Human Rights Centre

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Vitenskapelig foredrag
Publiseringsår: 2021

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Forced Labour: Redirecting the Legal Radar to Men


Men as victims of forced labor appear to have gone under the legal radar. This paper critically discusses the current legal developments and interpretations of global, regional, and national legal sources on human trafficking and their challenges with regard to men as potential victims. It will demonstrate the shortcomings of the law and its application, using the case of Norway as an example. For many years, the police and prosecutors have lacked the necessary tools to detect victims and perpetrators of human trafficking, especially if the victim did not fit into the stereotyped picture of the sexually abused woman. The inaction to prevent and prosecute crimes committed towards men who are exploited for forced labor is a violation of their human rights and may be interpreted as granting impunity to their perpetrators. This paper goes beyond legal doctrine to include field research (semi-structured interviews) conducted in Norway and will challenge the common opinion that only women and girls are victims of trafficking. Gender stereotypes ought to be set aside by expanding the construction of equality to include all victims of trafficking, also men and boys. This paper aims to discuss if and how the protection against trafficking should be adapted to changing social, legal, political landscapes to go beyond a binary conception of the victim’s gender.


Carola Lingaas

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