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Engine Room or Decoration? Investigating the Role of Parliamentary Committees in the Policy Process

  • Sven Siefken og
  • Hilmar Rommetvedt


Navn på arrangementet: 26th IPSA World Congress of Political Science
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Dato fra: 10. juli 2021
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Arrangørnavn: International Political Science Association

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Publiseringsår: 2021

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Engine Room or Decoration? Investigating the Role of Parliamentary Committees in the Policy Process


All modern parliaments set up committees, and these are often seen as the central places of policy-making. But that assumption must be questioned in order to arrive at a more realistic picture of parliamentary work. Committees cannot be understood as collective actors or even as the central fora for policy-making. Even in established democracies with a strong party system, policy-making activities may happen elsewhere: In the specific policy communities, be-tween parliamentary party groups, among individual MPs, and in the executive governments. But this does not mean that committees are irrelevant. Their very existence does influence the functioning of both parliaments and policy making. This paper introduces the research approach to compile a detailed description of country cases based on a common framework in order to take parliamentary studies ahead towards a more realist picture. It builds on classic distinctions of working parliaments and debating parliaments and the changing roles of committees in a developing political landscape. Furthermore, this paper includes some of the comparative conclusions that may be drawn from the various country chapters. The final results are to be published in the forthcoming book Sven T. Siefken and Hilmar Rommetvedt (eds.): Parliamentary Committees in the Policy Process (London: Routledge). For details, see:


Sven Siefken

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    ved Martin-Luther-Universität Halle-Wittenberg

Hilmar Rommetvedt

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    ved NORCE Norwegian Research Centre AS
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