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Sist endret: 7. oktober 2021, 15:15
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  • Manuel Pelmus


Navn på arrangementet: Art Encounters Biennial
Sted: Timisoara
Dato fra: 1. oktober 2021
Dato til: 15. november 2021


Arrangørnavn: Art Encounters Foundation

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Annen presentasjon
Publiseringsår: 2021

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Permanent collection


Under the title of Our Other Us, The 2021 edition of the Art Encounters Biennial will focus on the various types of cohabitation that we can project, apprehend and put into practice nowadays, while simultaneously concentrating on the transformations and drifts that influence the act of self-perception, be it individual or collective. This year’s Biennial is heavily influenced by the reflections and the projections that we all build in relation to ourselves and the Other, to boundaries and distances, to proximities and contacts, to the inward and the outward, and contemporary art is the most faithful reflection of all these dynamics. The Biennial will comprise a range of distinct components that will complement two curatorial projects proposed by Mihnea Mircan and Kasia Redzisz and will strengthen the collaborations and institutional partnerships that have been built over the past few years, enriching them with new sources of support and dialogue.


Manuel Pelmus

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