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Transformations in the creative roles and modes of music production

  • Yngvar Kjus


Navn på arrangementet: Creative IPR seminar
Dato fra: 11. oktober 2021
Dato til: 11. oktober 2021


Arrangørnavn: Creative IPR project (ERC)

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Faglig foredrag
Publiseringsår: 2021

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Transformations in the creative roles and modes of music production


This talk will present key aims and issues of the project “Platformization of music production: Developer and user perspectives on transformations of production technology in the online environment”. The project focuses on digital audio workstations (DAWs) such as Logic Pro and BandLab and the ways in which these networked clusters of music technologies are reshaping the foundations of creative audio work, including composition, performance, and collaboration. One of the project’s key questions is: To what extent is platformization involved with transforming creative roles and modes of music production? The hypothesis is that new platforms influence key professions in the value chain of music. The central roles of composer, performer, and producer are already reflected in the protection afforded by copyright law and the associated right of remuneration, but DAWs represent a growing range of functionality, including algorithmic automatization and networked cooperation, that challenges these established roles.


Yngvar Kjus

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    ved Institutt for musikkvitenskap ved Universitetet i Oslo
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