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Collective musicking on DAW platforms?

  • Yngvar Kjus


Navn på arrangementet: Digital Music Socialities
Sted: Aarhus
Dato fra: 11. november 2021
Dato til: 12. november 2021


Arrangørnavn: Aarhus Universitet

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Vitenskapelig foredrag
Publiseringsår: 2021

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Collective musicking on DAW platforms?


This talk will present key aims of the project “Platformization of music production: Developer and user perspectives on transformations of production technology in the online environment”. The project focuses on digital audio workstations (DAWs) such as Logic Pro and BandLab and the ways in which these networked clusters of music technologies are reshaping the foundations of creative audio work, including composition, performance, and collaboration. This presentation will discuss the extent to which the response (ranging from comprehensive employment to rejection) to technological advances is conditioned by collectives, whether they are informal genre communities or more formalized institutions of art and education. Music making entails various forms of collaboration, and the project will examine how online production resources stimulate or challenge them. It aims to carry out in-depth case studies of genres with specific social characteristics, including rock/pop (with bands involved in long-term projects) and rap/hip-hop (where artists engage in projects more flexibly with other artists and producers). The benefits of this approach will be compared with the insights that might be found by examining how contemporary production platforms are introduced and taught at music education institutions (including the Norwegian Academy of Music), unpacking how the platforms are incorporated into courses on computer music and laptop musicianship, as well as more traditional courses on composition and performance. The talk will discuss how these approaches might shed light on the routes and milieus, informal and formal, through which a new generation of music makers is brought to these new platforms.


Yngvar Kjus

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    ved Institutt for musikkvitenskap ved Universitetet i Oslo
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