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Two planets have been colliding for several million years

  • Dora Garcia


Navn på arrangementet: Eremuak conference
Sted: San Sebastian
Dato fra: 30. oktober 2021
Dato til: 30. oktober 2021


Arrangørnavn: Tabakalera: International centre for contemporary culture

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Annen presentasjon
Publiseringsår: 2021

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Two planets have been colliding for several million years


The 2021 International Conference is based on the binomial bodies-distance. These two words, and how they are articulated, carry a strong resonance at the present moment which also extends into current art practices. There have been many moments in art recently where the spatial relationship between bodies – whether close or distant – and between the body and its surroundings, have taken on particular significance. We have chosen to draw on proxemics theory (from the Latin proximus, “very close”). Proxemics is the study of the use and perception of the personal space that exists around our bodies. Formalised by the anthropologist Edward T. Hall, proxemics examines the way we occupy space and the distances we keep in our interactions and communication. Hall identified several types of space, which vary depending on the type of encounter, the relationship between the interlocutors, their personalities, and other factors. Hall conceived a model of personal space divided into four sub-categories in which distances range from: intimate (bodily), which ranges from physical contact to 45 cm; personal, habitual in interpersonal relationships, 45 – 120 cm; social distance, which favours interaction in everyday transactions like work, and extends from 120 – 360 cm; and public distance, which can extend to the limit of visibility and audibility.


Dora Garcia

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