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Revolution, fulfill your promise

  • Dora Garcia


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Annen presentasjon
Publiseringsår: 2021

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Revolution, fulfill your promise


All revolutions have been begun, protagonized or sustained by female figures: Louise Michel in the Paris Commune; the women who demonstrated for bread during the 1917 February Revolution which proceeded the October Revolution; the Soldaderas or Adelitas of the Mexican Revolution; women like Kathleen Cleaver and Assata Shakur of the Black Panthers; Rosa Luxemburg, Clara Zetkin and Alexandra Kollontai; and many others. Yet the revolution always seems to overlook them, with the demands of “women’s issues” being perpetually postponed: socialism must come first, then women’s liberation. In recent years we continue to hear that the preoccupations of the working class will never be gender issues or intersectionality. And we are tired; it seems obvious that for decades now, the revolutionary subject is no longer the “working class”, but women (cis and trans), sexual dissidents, migrants, the racialised subject and the subjects of precarity in general. Who, in spite of centuries of disappointment, still believe in revolution. Revolution must simply fulfil its promise, which is to emancipate all women. Dora García’s latest film and text project, Amor Rojo, investigates the relations between socialism and feminism and their melancholy wake of disenchantment and resistance. This encounter/workshop has two parts, consisting firstly of an introduction to the Amor Rojo project, and secondly of a group reading and discussion of the “letters of disappointment”, a collection of letters written by women to their lovers, companions, leaders and readers, which show how the personal is political even at the most melancholy of times.


Dora Garcia

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