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Normalisation of the problem: An urgent look at contemporary practice in the West and elsewhere.

  • Dora Garcia


Navn på arrangementet: Webinar
Dato fra: 4. mars 2021
Dato til: 4. mars 2021


Arrangørnavn: Moving artists

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Annen presentasjon
Publiseringsår: 2021

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Normalisation of the problem: An urgent look at contemporary practice in the West and elsewhere.


We are delighted to invite you to an interesting series of online conversations with a brilliant panel of participants; Dora Garcia, Inti Guerrero, Santiago Alba Rico and Leila Nachawati. As you know, since its beginnings in 2017, Moving Artists has been thinking about and cultivating modern art in conflict zones and in the context of various challenging political situations around the world. Numerous international organisations are dedicated to the physical protection of artistic heritage in crisis or conflict situations, but consideration is rarely given to agents tasked with creating the intellectuals of the future. One of the main problems we have found during our two years of existence concerns the severance of Western art from other contemporary art, and the imposition of both its aesthetics and its discourse at international level, with requirements and languages that are meaningless in other parts of the world. In turn, this situation has reflected our own context back to us, making visible issues which we intuited, but which here and from the perspective of here, were hidden from view. Powerful lobbies, aesthetic imperatives, uneven distribution of opportunities… The subsistence of modern practice outside the demands of the international market is practically impossible. There has been talk of the need to link up small artistic communities with each other, but as Judith Butler noted in “Frames of war. When is life grievable?”, they cannot be considered precarious if they are not first apprehended as living. This webinar has been created with the intention of verbalising what the West understands, gobbles up, interprets and projects as cultural realities. What clashes, contradictions, challenges, incongruencies, synergies and teaching will we find in this comparison?


Dora Garcia

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