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Writer/reader visibility in young learner writing: A study of the TRAWL corpus of lower secondary school texts.

  • Ingrid Kristine Hasund og
  • Hilde Hasselgård


The Journal of Writing Research
ISSN 2030-1006
e-ISSN 2294-3307
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Vitenskapelig artikkel
Publiseringsår: 2022
Publisert online: 2022
Volum: 13
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Sider: 447 - 472
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Writer/reader visibility in young learner writing: A study of the TRAWL corpus of lower secondary school texts.


Abstract: A pervasive finding in learner corpus research is that advanced EFL learners tend to overuse interactional features of writer/reader visibility (WRV) in their written academic texts, including first- and second-person pronouns, I think, modal adverbs, modal auxiliaries, and questions. Very little research has been done on younger learners, however. The present study is a mixed-methods investigation of WRV features in argumentative and expository genres in the TRAWL longitudinal corpus of learner texts from Norwegian lower secondary school. Comparisons are made with more advanced levels (undergraduate university students) using the Norwegian component of ICLE, ICLE-NO. The results show that the TRAWL pupils use many WRV features in their writing, firstperson reference being especially frequent (with I dominating). Compared to the advanced learners in ICLE-NO, the TRAWL learners overuse some, but not all, features. One explanation for the high frequency of WRV features in TRAWL is that the prompts – both argumentative and expository – often request a personal style. Some expository prompts and texts are more impersonal, but overall there is little distinction between the genres. The pedagogical implications are that instructors need to be more specific about genre requirements, and create more obligatory prompts that do not request a personal style. Keywords: genre, writer/reader visibility, learner corpora, young learner writing, EFL writing


Ingrid Kristine Hasund

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    ved Institutt for fremmedspråk og oversetting ved Universitetet i Agder
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Hilde Hasselgård

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    ved Britisk-amerikansk ved Universitetet i Oslo
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