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Choreographic folding as critical conversation

  • Maryam Bagheri Nesami
  • Camilla Reppen og
  • Tone Pernille Østern


Navn på arrangementet: Decolonizing tertiary dance education: Time to act
Sted: Virtual / Stockholm and Kampala
Dato fra: 7. april 2022
Dato til: 8. april 2022


Arrangørnavn: Stockholm University of the Arts and Makerere University

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Vitenskapelig foredrag
Publiseringsår: 2022

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Choreographic folding as critical conversation


What if choreography is understood as expansive, performative, poetic, and political folding into the world? In the Choreographic FoldingProjects current artistic and academic discourses are experimented with critically and choreographically to propose various foldings of choreographic practices. Choreographic Folding Projects consists of Maryam Bagheri Nesami, Iranian dancer, dance writer and PhD student, based in New Zealand, Arnhild Staal Pettersen, Head of DansiT Centre of Choreography in Trondheim and Mid-Norway, dance artist in Inclusive Dance Company and artistic director for The Dance Theatre, Camilla Reppen, a Swedish dancer, choreographer and dance teacher in academia as well as community contexts, and Tone Pernille Østern, a Finnish-Norwegian professor and researcher in academia and dance artist in Inclusive Dance Company. Choreo-graphy has gone through huge change in meaning since it was first taken into a dance related glossary in 1700, then meaning the art of writing down dances (Leon, 2020, p. 69). Traditionally, choreography has been a representational and hierarchical affair: a choreographer’s ideas governing the dancers (Klien, 2008, p. 143), who are the objects fulfilling the choreographer’s subjectivity, ideas, and pre-planned patterns of movement. However, during the early 21st Century, a complete paradigm shift in choreographic understanding has started, a shift we take part in through our choreographic folding projects. Entrenched within post-human, feminist, critical, inclusive and decolonial theories and practices, choreography expands. The idea of folding dialogues with Deleuze’s performative view on knowledge being created on an imminent plane, where differences are produced through the act of folding (Deleuze, 1993). This critical conversation celebrates the indeterminacy, ambiguity, and multiplicity of possibilities to expand choreography. We propose, and invite to critically discuss, choreographic folding as a counter move against exclusive contours and spheres, including the borders of disciplinary fields.


Maryam Bagheri Nesami

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Camilla Reppen

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Tone Pernille Østern

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    ved Institutt for lærerutdanning ved Norges teknisk-naturvitenskapelige universitet
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