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Conference wrap-up: Decolonizing tertiary dance education: Time to act, April 7-8, 2022

  • Tone Pernille Østern


Navn på arrangementet: Decolonizing tertiary dance education: Time to act
Sted: Virtual / Stockholm and Kampala
Dato fra: 7. april 2022
Dato til: 8. april 2022


Arrangørnavn: Stockholm University of the Arts and Makerere University

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Faglig foredrag
Publiseringsår: 2022

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Conference wrap-up: Decolonizing tertiary dance education: Time to act, April 7-8, 2022


This conference/un-conference is motivated by the paradigmatic decolonial discourse that is ongoing within tertiary dance education, urging for major changes in higher education in dance worldwide. Dance research has contributed to a shift of focus from previously uncritical and colonial Western canons, towards more critical and inclusive dance practices in higher education, where the ideals of modernism have been critically explored and deconstructed with the help of decolonial theories. Worldwide, as well as at the Stockholm University of the Arts, students and teachers have, for quite some time, critically questioned the colonial, racist and sexist legacy of Western dance, dance education and teaching pedagogies. As well, it has been a concern for Makerere University and Africa in general, where content and pedagogical methods of Indigenous dance have been defined by Euro-American-oriented canons. These legacies are also clearly traceable in higher education; in the ways study programs are structured, staffed, taught, articulated and promoted. The perspectives on teaching and learning, as well as research and theory used, are most often based in the same Western legacies. The time has come for us to act, and this conference/un-conference is setting action. We acknowledge that decolonial and decolonizing processes are complex and diverse across the world. Colonialism might look and be understood very differently in Sweden and the Swedish and North-European context than in Uganda and other African countries as well as other continents with very different contexts and histories. However, we see that the responsibility of taking action for decolonizing dance in tertiary education, as well as in society, is a shared responsibility among the various stakeholders across different contexts. We therefore invite participants to share their practices and reflections drawing on the specific contexts in which they might engage with. The conference/un-conference aims to create and strengthen critical dialogue, action and change across diverse communities of dance practice, working towards anti-racist and decolonial dance educational structures in tertiary education. We encourage involvement in this conference/un-conference from those who engage in the full spectrum of tertiary dance education: undergraduate and postgraduate students, adjunct staff, artists, technical staff, administrators, leaders, full-time academic staff, and community dance practitioners. We also specifically encourage partnerships among presenters from the global north and global south, and partnerships that include those at the margins of academia, and who may be engaging intergenerationally and transdisciplinary.


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Tone Pernille Østern

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    ved Institutt for lærerutdanning ved Norges teknisk-naturvitenskapelige universitet
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