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Colomboscope Rapport - The Hearing Voices Café

  • Dora Garcia


Sri Lanka

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Originalverkets tittel: Language is Migrant - Festival Rapport
Publiseringsår: 2022
Originalverkets komponist: Colomboscope festival team
Ensembletype: Gruppe
Medskapere: Dora Garcia
Framføringstype: Konsert
Sjanger: Teater
Medium: festival, performance

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Colomboscope Rapport - The Hearing Voices Café


The designation “Hearing Voices Café” applies to every wellpatronized coffee shop. At the same time, the phrase “hearing voices” is also associated with the phenomenon of hearing inner voices. Drawing on the ambiguity of the term, Colomboscope interdisciplinary arts festival 2021, artists Jayampathi Guruge and Dora García, collaborators and guests are installing a gathering place for people who hear voices and for voices who need to be heard, hosted by the Viharamahadevi Park Cafeteria. The Hearing Voices Café is a dialogic structure initiated in 2014 in Hamburg, having traveled ever since across Europe and North America. The Hearing Voices Café is a meeting place, hosted by an existing—and fully functioning—café. The polysemy of the expression “hearing voices” is put to good use by this structure: underlining the political load of dissent from the norm, and the relation of this dissidence, this non normativity, with creativity.


Dora Garcia

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