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The Icelandic and Norwegian schemes for exemptions based on religion or lifestance in basic education

  • Christian Lomsdalen


Navn på arrangementet: EASR 2022
Sted: University College Cork
Dato fra: 27. juni 2022
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Arrangørnavn: European Association for the Study of Religions

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Vitenskapelig foredrag
Publiseringsår: 2022

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The Icelandic and Norwegian schemes for exemptions based on religion or lifestance in basic education


In this paper I will compare the schemes for exemptions from activities in school on grounds of religion, philosophical views, and/or world view in basic education in Norway and Iceland. In the Norwegian case the is the right to be exempted a juridical attempt to reconcile the Norwegian comprehensive school system with Norway human rights commitments and mandatory religious education. The right of exemption applies to the entire spectrum of activities in school, but the pupils cannot be exempted from the knowledge objectives in the curricula ("Opplæringslova," 1998). The arguments for the Icelandic framework for exemptions is at points similar, but at the same time the implementation is different (Ministry of Education, 2008; 2011, pp. 80–81). These differences include the information and/or arguments necessary to justify exemptions. This paper will seek to investigate into the differences and similarities of two different schemes that to a large degree has the same purpose but are different in crucial aspects of the schemes in what faces the students and families that seek to benefit from these schemes. To accomplish this I will draw upon former and current research into the Norwegian scheme (Lippe, 2017, 2018; Lomsdalen, 2019, 2021a, 2021b), my ongoing research into the Norwegian scheme, and into the Icelandic scheme and situation (Furseth et al., 2019; Gunnarsson, 2017; Gunnarsson, 2020; Jónsdóttir & Ragnarsdóttir, 2010; Sigurðardóttir et al., 2014).


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Christian Lomsdalen

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    ved Arkeologi, historie, kultur- og religion ved Universitetet i Bergen
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